July 20, 2022

Announcing the Prisma FOSS Fund

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Prisma has started a fund to support independent free and open source software teams. Each month, we will donate $5,000 to a selected project to maintain its work and continue its development.

Announcing the Prisma FOSS Fund

Announcing the Prisma FOSS Fund

The initiative kicked off in April 2022, and we have already supported three projects.

  • Rust Analyzer: rust-analyzer is a modular compiler for the Rust language. It is a project intended to create excellent IDE support for Rust. Prisma Rust developers' lives would be much harder without this tool. Nearly everyone working with Rust uses this tool daily and loves the experience.

  • Open Source Community Africa: OSCA is a diverse community of open source lovers collaborating on various open source projects across Africa. Their main goal is to create an atmosphere where Africans not only use software and hardware but are also creators of these technologies.

  • Pothos: Pothos is a library that generates GraphQL types from Prisma models. Right now, there are not many easy ways to combine GraphQL with Prisma, but we believe this library could move the ecosystem forward with additional resources.

Supporting Open Source teams

Behind the many great technologies we all use daily, several open source tools are likely contributing to the experience. Prisma is no exception; we use open source software and tools to provide a frictionless developer experience with databases.

As a company that offers a free and open source ORM, we want to give back to the OSS community and support people that build the software and tools we rely on in our daily work.

We are proud to announce the Prisma Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Fund initiative, which aims to provide financial support and highlight open source projects. The people behind these tools empower our teams at Prisma to provide users with a world-class developer experience. We want to support them and recognize all the work that goes into maintaining a free open source project.

Investing in worthy projects

The Prisma FOSS Fund plan is to donate a one-off amount of $5.000 to a selected open source project each month. Through financial support, the FOSS team can maintain and improve their overall tool, whether addressing bugs or developing new features.

Our team at Prisma, anyone from sales to engineering, is tasked with nominating projects that they believe merit our support. Prisma tech leads review all nominations. To qualify, nominees need to meet the following criteria:

  • Usage within Prisma or the Prisma ecosystem
  • Project is not owned by a Prisma team member
  • Overall project health and aligned with Prisma company values
  • Ability to receive and distribute funds

Then the entire company votes on the eligible nominees. We have already gotten great feedback in the last quarter and look forward to seeing a positive impact on the open source community.

Empowering the OSS community

Knowing firsthand how vital open source tools are to our developers and user, we are incredibly excited to embark on this initiative.

Prisma will continue to rely on open source tools, and we hope to impact the ecosystem's expansion.

We will announce the recipients of the Prisma FOSS Fund on pris.ly/foss and on social media each month, and please stay tuned to learn more about the excellent projects we'll be supporting.

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