Prisma Studio

The easiest way to explore and manipulate your data in all of your Prisma projects.

Prisma Studio UI
Prisma is an ORM for JavaScript and TypeScript.Head over to the docsto learn more!
Data Exploration

Understand your data

With a simple tabular interface you can quickly have a look at the data of your local database and check if your app is working correctly.

Interact with your Data with full CRUD functionality.

View your data any way you want by filtering, sorting and paginating it.

Prisma Studio Filters
Prisma Studio Relations
Relational Databases

Access relations

Studio makes it easy to access and navigate related data from both sides of the relation. Just click on the relation field and drill down into related models.

Prisma Studio Editing
Data Entry

Safely edit in place

Like spreadsheets, double click on a cell and edit its value on the spot. Don't worry about accidental changes, all edits have to be confirmed first.

Embrace the dark side

Match your OS theme or just reduce eye strain by switching to Prisma Studio in dark mode.

Prisma Studio Dark Mode

Available on all major platforms

Run it from the command line with npx prisma studio