Prisma is the Data Platform bringing together developers, data owners, and infrastructure teams.

We are democratizing the technology of companies like Facebook and Twitter to enable teams to go from prototype to billion-user scale without compromising productivity, security, or compliance.

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Enhance your data

Up-level your applications with our Data Platform

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Prisma understands your data, solving challenges, and bringing insights.

Make your data work for you

Promote discoverability of data and make it securely accessible where you need it.

Embrace modern development workflows

Enable developers with tooling that accelerates development by effortlessly eliminating risk.

Data Platform

Learn what a Data Platform is all about

Prisma's vision is to democratise the custom data access layer used by companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Airbnb and make it available to development teams and organisations of all sizes. Our VP of Product Hervé Labas speaks more about it during the enterprise-focused event held in March 2021

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Recap of the

Prisma Enterprise Event 2021

Prisma held a day-long enterprise-focused event in March 2021 with thought-leaders from Twitter, Redmonk, Amplify Partners, Rapha, and Prisma to discuss the future of the Data Platform.

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