An online conference focused on the challenges large companies and enterprises face with the management of application data.

March 25th

2pm CET / 9am EDT

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A particular focus of the event will be the migration of data across different data sources and making data accessible to teams across an organization.

About the event

The technical needs of companies and enterprises are evolving and changing. Technologies like TypeScript speed up developer productivity and enable companies to move faster than ever in creating new products.

Team buy-in, new workflows, different deployment paradigms, changes around the maintenance of applications and their data, are considerations that evolve at a fast pace.

  • Learn how top companies are addressing the challenges of data at scale

  • Discover how companies use Prisma to make their developers more productive

  • Get a better understanding of the future of data in the enterprise


  • Welcome

    Daniel Norman

  • Opening Keynote

    Søren Bramer Schmidt

  • Cloud Native Data: The Emergence of Enterprise Data Fabrics

    James Governor

    An overview of how the enterprise data landscape is changing.

  • Prisma at Rapha

    Tom Hutchinson

    How Prisma helps Rapha unify data access from multiple enterprise systems into a single API.

  • Prisma Enterprise Demo

    Chris Matteson

  • Prisma Fireside Chat

    Hervé Labas, Chris Mateson, Søren Bramer Schmidt

    Answering all your burning questions

  • Building Products That Scale

    Natalie Vais

    Learn what breaks at scale, what you should know beforehand, and the hard-won lessons from internet giants like Google.

  • Developer Experience Matters

    DeVaris Brown

    How a thoughtful developer experience can unlock productivity for your customers and internal teams.

  • Tearing Down Data Silos

    Hervé Labas

    How data silos emerge, the need for connecting data, and Prisma's vision of the Application Data Platform.

  • The Evolution of Application Data Platforms – From Facebook to Twitter

    Pete Hunt

    How Twitter and Facebook move faster than the industry average while running a platform with millions of users

  • Closing Keynote

    Vladi Stevanovic

Prisma Enterprise Event

Office Hours

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  • Søren Bramer Schmidt headshot

    Søren Bramer Schmidt

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Hervé Labas headshot

    Hervé Labas

    VP of Product

  • Chris Matteson headshot

    Chris Matteson

    Head of Solutions Engineering


Learn more about the technologies and approaches that enable enterprises to address the challenges of data at scale from experts in the field.

  • James Governor headshot

    James Governor

    Analyst and Co-founder @ Redmonk

  • Tom Hutchinson headshot

    Tom Hutchinson

    Head of Mobile @ Rapha

  • Hervé Labas headshot

    Hervé Labas

    VP of Product @ Prisma

  • Pete Hunt headshot

    Pete Hunt

    Software Engineer @ Twitter

  • DeVaris Brown headshot

    DeVaris Brown

    CEO and Founder @ Meroxa

  • Vladi Stevanovic headshot

    Vladi Stevanovic

    Customer Success Manager @ Prisma

Who is attending

This is an event for anyone interested in using Prisma in a team or at scale. We'll be inviting engineering leaders from companies ranging from startups to larger corporations. This event will be especially relevant to tech leads eager to learn more about new technical approaches and begin advocating for changes on a wider level.

Watch the recordings