June 16, 2023

Building on an Established Community: Prisma Now on Discord

We are more than excited to join Discord! Read to learn more about how we're approaching our Discord community, what to expect from it and how you can join.

Prisma Now on Discord

Hello Prisma Community,

We're excited to share an important update with you: Prisma is making an entrance onto Discord! While we take great pride in our strong community of over 50,000 members on Slack, we believe it's time to extend our reach and foster additional collaborative conversations on Discord, a platform many of you already enjoy and have asked us to be present on. We are happy to oblige!

You might already be aware of the unofficial Prisma community on Discord, a space that's been vibrant with discussions and brainstorming. We've seen the impressive engagement and support that this community has grown into and, after talks with the server's creator, we are excited to officially adopt and expand upon this community.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the original server owner, Olyno, whose hard work and dedication have provided a strong foundation for our new community presence on Discord. Their passion has created a dynamic space where Prisma users could connect, share ideas, and support each other. We are thrilled to be able to carry on their work.

So, why are we adopting Discord? Besides the fact that many of you asked us to set up a Discord server, we see Discord serving the Prisma community in several ways:

Casual and open environment

Discord's origins within the gaming community lends it a more relaxed atmosphere compared to the professional setting of Slack. This encourages informal and lively discussions, and allows users to interact more freely with our developer advocacy and support team.

Powerful moderation tools

Discord’s strong suite of community moderation tools help us ensure that our online environment remains respectful, friendly, and conducive to productive discussions.

Topic-specific channels

Discord’s multi-channel setup allows for more organized conversations on a variety of topics. Whether you want to talk about the latest updates, ask for help, or provide feedback, there's a channel just for that.

Advanced integration capabilities

From code repositories to social media feeds, Discord's integration capabilities provide a one-stop hub where our community can get all the latest news about Prisma.

Real-time interaction

With features like Stage Channels, we can host live events, AMAs, webinars, and more, encouraging real-time interaction between our team and the community.

We're incredibly excited to embark on this new chapter on Discord and look forward to enhancing the sense of camaraderie and collaboration that the Prisma community is known for. So whether you're an old member or a newcomer, we welcome you to join us on this exciting journey!

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The Prisma Team

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