Get started

Welcome to the Prisma getting started section! 👋 Prisma is an open source next-generation ORM. It consists of the following parts:

  • Prisma Client: Auto-generated and type-safe query builder for Node.js & TypeScript
  • Prisma Migrate: Migration tool to easily evolve your database schema from prototyping to production
  • Prisma Studio: GUI to view and edit data in your database

Prisma is also available on the Prisma Data Platform, a cloud-based, collaborative environment for teams and organizations to develop type-safe applications. The platform focuses on developer productivity with GitHub integration for your code and schema, a visual data browser, an online query console, and an optional data proxy for handling database connections. For more information, refer to the Prisma Data Platform documentation.

For a more detailed breakdown of what problems Prisma solves, and why it's built to make you more productive, see the Why Prisma section.

Which tutorial is right for me?

To get up and running with Prisma in your local environment, follow our Quickstart guide. It makes no assumptions about your knowledge level and offers the fastest way from install to query!


If you're looking to incorporate Prisma with an existing project, choose whether you want to use a SQL database or MongoDB:

Existing SQL projectExisting MongoDB project

To learn how to create a project with Prisma from scratch, choose between SQL and MongoDB. Both tutorials will guide you through creating a project, connecting your database, and querying your data.

New SQL projectNew MongoDB project

Prisma with different tooling

Prisma can be used with a wide range of tooling and frameworks, the following links outline how to get started with some of them:

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