May 02, 2024

Introducing our Build, Fortify, Grow (BFG) Framework

Dive into Prisma’s ‘Build, Fortify, Grow’ framework. Learn how Prisma products interoperate at each stage of the framework, and aid in enhancing data-driven application development.

Build, Fortify, Grow Framework

We’ll start by thanking our community for the positive feedback on our 'Build, Fortify, Grow' framework, which is part of the Data DX initiative. We launched this framework a few months ago via our homepage not only to help our community better understand the thought process and product planning at Prisma but also to demonstrate how Prisma products provide the right tools for developers at each stage of the application development lifecycle.

It’s encouraging to see how the framework has resonated with you. Many have expressed interest in learning more about how each part of the framework can assist in your development efforts. In this blog post, we'll delve deeper into how these principles can enhance your data-driven projects.

Build: Streamline development. Iterate fast!

The 'Build' phase is designed to simplify the initiation of your project. It allows you to focus on making database operations straightforward, especially for those who prefer not to delve deep into SQL. During this phase, iteration speed is important, and we recognize that.

By leveraging Prisma’s ORM, teams can efficiently manage CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations without the need for extensive SQL knowledge. This allows you and your team to iterate faster and be more effective. You focus on application logic rather than database syntax. Prisma ORM automates much of the database schema management, facilitating rapid development cycles and reducing the risk of manual errors in database handling. This approach also highlights how larger teams can operate at break-neck speeds and reduce knowledge dependence. Read more on our thoughts on this topic in our Enterprise section.

If you are looking for something that gives you more control over the underlying SQL, stay tuned, we’ve got something special brewing that we’ll share soon. 👀

Applicability: Prisma’s approach to the ‘Build’ phase is particularly beneficial for teams looking to expedite their development processes and for projects where quick prototyping, frequent iterations, and knowledge sharing are critical.

Fortify: Consistent performance

The 'Fortify' phase is all about enhancing the performance and scalability of your application through intelligent data management and query optimization. It involves refining your database and queries to ensure they are running optimally. Prisma’s ORM, for instance, automatically fine-tunes your queries to enhance database performance, ensuring your application can handle increased loads effortlessly.

What happens if your application experiences spikes? Will those Black Friday Deals bring down your infra? This is where Prisma Accelerate offers powerful features that integrate a global database cache and scalable connection pool, making your database interactions up to 1000 times faster. This dramatically reduces database query latency, often down to as little as 5 milliseconds, which significantly decreases the load on your database and improves response times. All this makes your application resilient to usage spikes. To us, once you’ve built an application, fortification seems like the next logical step.

Applicability: This stage is crucial for systems that require high performance under varying loads, particularly those deployed in serverless architectures where managing connection pools and reducing latency are paramount for maintaining smooth and efficient operations.

Grow: Adapt as your app evolves

The 'Grow' phase is centered on equipping your application to seamlessly adapt as users demand more features and functions. With the integration of Prisma's Accelerate and Pulse in your application, your data layer becomes more dynamic and responsive to changes, regardless of the scale. After Building and Fortifying your application, the next natural evolution is to allow for it to Grow because, let's face it, user needs are never static! We’ve designed and developed our products to help you focus on application logic so that you can outsource the data-heavy elements to us.

Within the Grow phase, Prisma Accelerate plays a crucial role in scaling by offering a global database cache that can significantly improve the performance of your queries, especially in serverless environments. It reduces the latency of database operations and allows for a scalable connection pool, ensuring that your application can handle increased traffic without overloading the database servers. On the other hand, Prisma Pulse enhances the ability to respond to data changes in real-time. Pulse enables applications to subscribe to type-safe database events, which means developers can set up responsive actions based on data changes that occur within their databases. No more writing custom code to constantly poll your database for changes! Not only is that inefficient and time-consuming, it can also be expensive! Prisma Pulse is particularly useful for applications that need to provide real-time feedback to users or for complex event-driven architectures where actions are triggered by data modifications.

Applicability: This stage is targeted at applications that are in the scaling phase or adding new functionalities, ensuring that growth is manageable and sustainable without compromising the system’s integrity.

Cementing 'Build, Fortify, Grow' in your mind

Just like the "Big F****** Gun" from the massively popular games Doom & Quake, the 'Build, Fortify, Grow' framework (or BFG for short) provides a formidable toolkit for software development teams. With Prisma’s suite of products underpinning each phase, your development process isn't just equipped with a peashooter or a sidearm; it’s armed with the ultimate weapon when it comes to developing data-driven applications.

In the Doom gaming universe, wielding the BFG means you’re clearing rooms of adversaries with unmatched power. In the world of software development, adopting the BFG framework means you’re blasting through development hurdles, performance bottlenecks, and scalability challenges with similar might and flair.

So, when you're ready to turbocharge your application's lifecycle, remember that with Prisma's BFG framework, you're not just making software—you're launching a developmental onslaught that would make any gamer nod in approval. It's time to bring out the big guns and show the challenges in your development process who's boss!

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