December 13, 2023

Key takeaways from the Discover Data DX virtual event

Explore the insights from the Discover Data DX virtual event held on December 7th, 2023. The event brought together industry leaders to discuss the significance and principles of the emerging Data DX category.

Key takeaways from the Discover Data DX virtual event

Software development is now accessible to a wider audience, yet the data complexity when building applications has grown. These shifts highlight the need for simpler and more intuitive tools that empower developers to focus on the applications they want to build.

The new Data DX category embodies this vision to simplify data-driven application development without sacrificing depth or functionality.

Bringing the industry together

Prisma's Discover Data DX event showcased the role of Data DX as a unifying concept. It was inspiring to see varied companies embrace Data DX's principles. Together, they explored its meaning and how collaborative efforts could enhance the developer experience significantly.

The strength of the ecosystem is a core component of Data DX. It is an essential consideration for developers when evaluating new tooling.

Søren Bramer Schmidt | CEO @ PrismaSøren Bramer Schmidt | CEO @ Prisma

The evolution of database technologies

The first panel delved into how the developer experience with databases has evolved. Panelists from Prisma, Xata, PlanetScale, Snaplet, and Turso shared unique insights on enhancing the developer experience with databases.

A central topic was distinguishing between necessary and accidental complexities in database management. The goal? Simplify for developers while recognizing some complexities are unavoidable.

The panel also examined how to balance powerful database capabilities and developer experience. They believe it is crucial to deliver ease of use without compromising the advanced features developers require.

I just want to fix bugs, build features, and ship. I don't want to have to deal with the complexity of getting access to data.

Peter Pistorius | CEO @ SnapletPeter Pistorius | CEO @ Snaplet

The discussion also covered emerging challenges in database management, such as schema changes, serverless technology, and AI/ML integration.

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Moderated by Petra Donka, Head of Developer Connections at Prisma

The future of building data-driven apps

The second segment focused on the evolution of developer experience in data-driven application development, with representatives from Grafbase, Tinybird, RedwoodJS and Prisma sharing diverse perspectives.

The crucial role of developer experience

High-quality developer experience is fundamental to the future of application development. The panel specifically discussed reducing repetitive tasks, automating workflows, and integrating tools and platforms effectively.

The consensus was that modern tools should significantly reduce time to market, enabling developers to concentrate on product development rather than infrastructure.

Why does the front-end community get such excellent tooling while back-end developers struggle with outdated systems and tools?

Fredrik Björk | CEO @ GrafbaseFredrik Björk | CEO @ Grafbase

The discussion highlighted the gap in tooling quality between front-end and back-end development, especially in data management. Beyond pure scalability, the industry is now shifting to prioritize ease of use and developer experience in back-end and data tools.

The panel also touched on AI's potential in application development, with Tinybird experimenting in this area, noting the need for human oversight.

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Moderated by Petra Donka, Head of Developer Connections at Prisma

Shaping the future

The Discover Data DX event was essential in establishing Data DX as an emerging category. It highlighted the industry alignment on the need for a more intuitive, efficient, and developer-focused approach to application development.

Prisma will spearhead more initiatives to grow Data DX, driving innovation and collaboration in the industry. Learn more and stay updated at

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