October 05, 2023

Launching the Data DX Manifesto: Shaping a new paradigm in data-driven development

Prisma presents the Data DX manifesto, a transformative approach to data-driven app development. More than a document, it is a call to action. The manifesto highlights the benefits of Data DX for developers and offers insights for innovative product creation.

Data DX

Introducing the Data DX manifesto

The development landscape is ever-evolving, and with it, the challenges associated with data management, delivery, and usage. Recognizing the pressing need for a simple yet effective approach that addresses these challenges, we introduced the Data DX concept when we announced our partnership with Cloudflare.

Today, we are following up on that announcement with the release of our complete thinking on the concept of the Data DX category in the form of the Data DX Manifesto.

The Data DX manifesto is a collaborative call to action, inviting developers and product creators to engage with this innovative philosophy. We wish for the community to start a dialogue and help guide and shape our thinking even further.

The manifesto aims to:

  • Outline benefits for developers who are building data-driven applications
  • Identify and recommend focus areas for products that fall into this new category
  • Act as a rallying cry to here

A new paradigm in data-driven development

This manifesto isn't just a document; it's the inception of a new product category, extending an invitation to explore a fresh perspective on data-driven development.

For developers, it's about gaining a seamless and efficient pathway to handle data in application development. For companies creating products, it's an opportunity to align with a pioneering approach, potentially leading to the development and marketing of products that embody the Data DX principles.

With the advent of Data DX, we aim to shed light on a prevalent challenge and propose a collective stride towards a solution. The manifesto serves as a starting point for a comprehensive discourse.

Embark on the Data DX Journey

Whether you are a developer eager to adopt refined data handling methods or a creator aspiring to build products aligned with Data DX, a realm of possibilities awaits you at the Manifesto website.

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