December 06, 2019

State of Prisma 2 (December 2019)

We introduced the first Preview version of Prisma 2 in June earlier this year. Today, we are excited to share an updated timeline for Prisma 2 and the expected production-ready releases.

State of Prisma 2 (December 2019)


  • Photon.js will be production-ready in Q1 next year 🎉
  • Lift follows in Q2
  • Tooling (Prisma Studio, CLI workflows, IDE plugins, ...) will be ready mid 2020

Thanks to your continuous feedback, we were able to build a critical set of features for Photon.js and Lift. In the upcoming weeks, we'll focus on making both tools stable and ready to be used in production environments!

We'd like to say a huge thank you to all community members who have helped push the development of Prisma 2 forward. Your help with GitHub issues, pull requests and general activity on Slack has been incredibly valuable to us! 🙏

While not entirely production-ready, you can definitely already start exploring Prisma 2! Follow the main Prisma 2 tutorial or get started with some ready-to-run examples.

Recap: What is Prisma 2?

Prisma 2 is a database toolkit to query, model, and migrate your data. It consists of three main tools:

  • Photon: An auto-generated and type-safe database client
  • Lift: A tool for declarative data modeling and schema migrations
  • Studio: A delightful GUI for common database workflows

Check out this 10-min demo video to learn how to get started with Prisma 2.

Demo of Prisma 2.0

What improved since the initial Preview release?

We are extremely proud of how far we've come in the past six months! We've removed many of the roadblocks that prevented developers from considering Prisma 2 for their projects. Here's an overview of some major improvements that were introduced in the latest releases:

  • A complete refactor of Photon's query engine that lifted the initial limitation of not being able to process requests in parallel
  • Deployment of Photon.js-based application to various deployment providers like AWS Lambda, ZEIT Now, Netlify, ...
  • Improved way for generating and importing Photon.js in your application
  • Field selection and eager loading of relations via select and include in the Photon.js API
  • A first version of the Prisma Studio GUI to support your database workflows
  • Support for using Prisma 2 on Windows
  • A beautifully designed prisma2 init wizard that helps you setup your project and connect to your database (try it by running npx prisma2 init hello-world)

To learn more about these and other changes, be sure to check out the history of Prisma 2 releases.

Getting Prisma 2 ready for production

Even though they're not "production-ready" yet, Photon.js and Lift already provide a lot of value to developers today.

While we were initially planning to have a fully-featured General Availability release of Prisma 2, the feedback we received from you was clear: First make the Prisma 2 tools stable, then add more features.

Therefore, our main priority is to release a production-ready version for Photon.js and Lift as soon as possible. After that, we'll focus on making them more powerful by adding all the awesome features you have requested. This enables us to ship a production-ready versions of Prisma 2 much faster, as we're cutting some of the initial scope.

With that new focus, we've ironed out a timeline for both: Photon.js will become production-ready in Q1 next year. The current plan for Lift targets Q2 for a production-ready version. Check out the updated status on

Graph of Prisma 2.0 progress

Since Photon.js will be ready before Lift, you'll be able to use Photon.js using Prisma 2's ramped up introspection.

Stay up to date about Prisma 2 👀

If you're curious about upcoming changes, keep an eye on the issues in the prisma2 repo, follow the discussion in the specs repo and join the #prisma2-preview channel on Slack.

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