April 01, 2021

Announcing Tweets for Trees

We're celebrating the launch of Prisma 2 to General Availability with a tree-planting initiative: join in for Prisma's April-long "Tweets for Trees" program.πŸ’š 🌿

Announcing Tweets for Trees

As we enter into April of 2021 in some of the most eventful years of our lifetime, we wanted to do something a little different to celebrate the spring time 🌸.

Since Prisma started, being eco-friendly has been something that we've valued internally and now we're excited to invite our community to join in to our effort!

Heading to the Berlin climate strike in 2019

With the recent release of Prisma Migrate, all three aspects (Client, Migrate, and Studio) of Prisma are production ready. We've loved seeing what people have been writing and posting on Twitter, and we thought we could use the opportunity to do something more.

With Earth Day 🌍 coming up on the 22nd, Prisma will be planting a tree for every tweet about Prisma we see in April.

We're calling this initiative #TweetsForTrees. Every tweet tagging @prisma in the month of April will be eligible.

How It Works

  • In the month of April, the sharp sleuths at Prisma, will be on the lookout for tweets about Prisma. For any tweets containing "@prisma", we will reply with a 🌳 emoji, as long as it doesn't disturb the flow of the conversation. Otherwise, we'll just count it and get the tree quietly 🀩
  • Weekly, we'll round up all of the tweets that we found and order that number of trees through Tree-Nation
  • We'll then let everyone know how many trees we've planted at the end of each week this month
  • We'll just be counting original tweets that contain @prisma, rather than any conversation that includes @prisma in the replies

How you can join in βœ…

  • Spread the word about Prisma, and tweet using the Prisma username. Some exciting recent announcements include:
  • Help us spot any tweets we've missed. You can ping us directly when people reference Prisma.

As this is a year, where we can only connect virtually πŸ“Ί and see each other through the screen, we're excited to make a greater impact beyond our desks! We're looking forward to seeing what a change we can make in the world together! 🌳 πŸ’š

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