July 11, 2019

Watch the Talks from Prisma Day 2019!

Prisma Day was Prisma's one day, single-track conference in Berlin on databases and modern app development. Today we are excited to share all of the videos and photos from the event!

Prisma Day videos available

Thank you for coming to our first conference!

A little under a month ago, on June 19th, we hosted our first Prisma Day, a conference on databases and modern app development with 150 attendees.

While we have hosted smaller events in the past, this was the first official Prisma conference, and we couldn't have asked for a better one! We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who came out to Berlin to join us and helped make it such a memorable experience.

The day featured thirteen talks that covered a variety of pressing topics in modern app development and wrapped up with a relaxed barbecue at the new Prisma office. It was an opportunity for the Prisma community to connect in person and learn more about each other's use cases, challenges, and experiences.

Additionally, Prisma Day came the day after the Prisma 2 Preview release, on June 18th, which made Photon.js (a type-safe database client) and Lift (a declarative data modeling and migrations tool) available. Attendees at Prisma Day talks were the first to see live coding demos with Prisma 2 in action!

Prisma Day videos and photos are live

Today, we are excited to share all of the videos and photos from the event! πŸ‘€

Prisma day

With Peter van Hardenberg MCing the conference, Prisma Day talks included:

πŸ“Ί You can find the full list of talks in the associated YouTube playlist:

Stay connected with the Prisma community

After such a fun first Prisma Day, we are eager to keep up the momentum. To stay up to date with the latest in the Prisma community, there are a number of options:

We were absolutely blown away by the amazing folks we met at Prisma Day. Over the coming months, we plan to create more opportunities to connect with Prisma in person and will be hosting more Prisma Days in the future! See you again soon! πŸ‘‹

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