Contribute to the Prisma community
while building your brand

The goal

Our goal is to create a supportive, tight-knit community of Prisma experts

  • That deserve recognition for their amazing contribution and projects
  • With whom to share upcoming Prisma features and collect feedback
  • Dedicated to helping developers be more productive and confident with Prisma

What does it take?

Can I be an Ambassador

  • Passionate about Prisma and developer tools

  • A demonstrated interest in at least two of the following: Creating technical blog posts, public speaking, developer events, web or mobile development

  • Active participant in a developer community

  • Over the age of 18

Should you choose to accept to become an Ambassador, your mission is to:

  • Create 1 piece of Prisma related content a quarter

  • Participate in quarterly Prisma Ambassador Board

  • Contribute to the Prisma community

To unlock even more rewards, you can become an Ambassador Champion!

  • Create 2 pieces of Prisma related content a quarter

  • Give a Prisma related talk to an event of your choice

  • Continue contributing to the Prisma community

  • Successfully pass the Prisma Certification
    (available soon!)

Your Rewards

We prize quality and we want to ensure this is a mutually beneficially relationship.
The more you contribute the more we'll reward you!


  • Exclusive workshops and training

  • Priority access to Prisma events speaker slots

  • Professional subtitles for your videos

  • Prisma Ambassador stickers + t-shirt

  • Private Prisma Ambassador Slack channel

  • Quarterly Ambassador Board meeting

  • Early access for Prisma releases and programs

  • Prisma Ambassador badge

  • Tree planted in your name

  • Early & free access to the Prisma Certification

Ambassador Champion

  • Trip to Berlin Prisma office (post-Covid)

  • Professional design for your videos and blog posts

  • Highlight of your content the Prisma social channels & website

  • Prisma Ambassador hoodie

  • E-book / e-learning gift card

and all this

Prisma Team

We’re here for you

Our Developer Relations team will be with you every step of the way, starting with a 1:1 onboarding meeting and regular check ins.

We want to find tailored solutions to help you build up your brand and highlight the work that you’re doing.

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