May 28, 2021

Prisma Ambassador Program — Building A Community of Experts

We are thrilled to announce the Prisma Ambassador Program to empower the Prisma community, while also helping individual contributors build their own brand.

Prisma Ambassador Program — Building A Community of Experts

A huge shoutout to the awesome Prisma community 💚

We're continuosly amazed by the awesome content produced by the Prisma community, be it in the form of example projects, video tutorials or blog articles!

Not to mention how community members support each other in GitHub Discussions and on Stackoverflow or have lively discussions and show off their Prisma projects on Slack (join the #showcase channel to learn more).

Recognising our community contributors

Community contributors have helped us immensely over the years by providing an unvarnished review of their Prisma experience, highlighting the good and the not so good.

This has helped shape the experience of new adopters as well as our own product and vision, allowing us to receive genuine and thoughtful feedback (e.g. via the #product-feedback channel where you can get in touch directly with our Product team).

Community contributors are a very powerful force, that influence new and existing users' choices!

While Prisma has become significantly more popular over the past year, we're deeply aware that choosing a new tool to work with your database does incur a cognitive and practical cost.

To make adoption easier and help our users be more successful with Prisma, we ...

However, ultimately, peer to peer feedback is indeed the most influencial approach there is, and we want to reward those contributors who help spread the word about Prisma.

Introducing the Ambassador Program

We wanted to invest in a user-centered, peer-to-peer program, that would grow from the periphery to the center. And so the Prisma Ambassador Program was born!

These are the three guiding principles of this program:

  • Rewarding and engaging our biggest fans, who are genuinely passionate about our product, share our values, and enjoy supporting the wider community.
  • Build a network of Prisma champions and experts, creating a space where they can collaborate with one another and share best practices.
  • Build long term cooperation with a loyal user base, to help us shape our product roadmap and ultimately the vision for Prisma.

Why become an Ambassador?

A couple of the benefits of becoming a Prisma Ambassador are:

  • Networking with other peers in your field by joining the private Ambassador Slack channel.
  • Direct communication with the Prisma DevRel, Product and Engineering teams.
  • Enhancement to your credibility, as well as strengthening your professional profile.
  • Prestige and recognition for being selected as one of our most outstanding contributors.
  • Ability to add a valuable experience to your resume and media kit.
  • Bonuses in the form of training, swag, trips, design support, etc.

How does it work?

Your task as a Prisma Ambassador is to highlight our technologies through the channels and mediums that best fits your skills, be that in the form of a blog post, video, event talk, GitHub contributions, etc.

We prize quality over quantity. If you're already building valuable Prisma content, we want you to continue to do so, just with more support from our end. Our goal is to make this a mutually beneficial partnership!

If you want to become an Ambassador, your mission is to:

  • Produce at least 1 piece of content per quarter
  • Answer at least 1 question on GitHub Discussions or Stackoverflow per quarter
  • Attend our quarterly Ambassador Board meetings

The more you contribute the more we'll reward you! You can find more information about the program on the new Ambassador Program website and the FAQs.

New Ambassadors will be supported by a dedicated Prisma team throughout the program, providing a tailored onboarding experience and answering all the questions they might have.

We can't wait to read and promote your content

Throughtout the years, the Prisma community has been a fantastic source of ideas, feedback and content. We couldn't be more grateful and proud to work for and with such amazing individuals! We hope the Ambassador Program will enable you all to further shine and highlight the amazing work you are doing.

Don't hesitate to reach out to learn more. We can't wait to see what further content the community will create!

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