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Global database cache available in 280 locations with built-in connection pooling

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Up to x1000 faster database queries

with a distributed cache and scalable connection pool for Serverless appswith our data access layer for serverless apps, and built-in distributed caching and connection poolingTest Accelerate's speed


Make your app more responsive while spending less on your database by reducing the query latency and database load.


Handle the most demanding workloads with unlimited caching in 280 regions and integrated connection pooling.

Ease of Use

Forget about dealing with caching infrastructure.
Cache queries by adding a single parameter to your Prisma calls.


Prisma Accelerate



query response time


Connection Pooling

Accelerate comes with reliable and scalable connection pooling for serverless environments for any writes or uncached requests. Avoid exhausting your database connections and ensure all your requests are being served to your users as quickly as possible.

Frequently asked questionsFAQs

How can existing Prisma Data Platform users use the feature?
We'll invite you to the Early Access Platform so that you can sign up and create a project in order to get your Accelerate connection strings.
What is the pricing for this feature?
Accelerate is free during Early Access. We'll get in touch to share pricing options with you later on.
Can I use this without Prisma ORM?
No, but you can quickly add Prisma to any existing project in about 15 minutes.
Do I have to choose between using Data Proxy for connection pooling and Accelerate for caching?
Accelerate comes with connection pooling out of the box and uses the Data Proxy technology under the hood.
I have my own connection pooling service. Can I use Accelerate without your connection pooling service?
No, but please reach out to us with your use case at
What are the requirements for this feature?
Your database needs to be publicly accessible and not behind a private network. Read more about this here.
Can I use this in production?
Not while in Early Access. While we have high confidence in our feature, the nature of an Early Access product is that significant iterations might happen at any time, so we would advise against placing it in a system that requires stability.

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