“We believe that the combination of MongoDB Atlas Serverless and Prisma Data Proxy will greatly simplify the process of building and deploying serverless applications in the cloud, especially for workloads that need to scale to high connection counts.”

Kevin Jerningan

Principal Product Manager


“Prisma 2 is a great platform to build mix:analog on. I’m migrating our whole backend to it and it has been a joy to work with. Our current 2.x backend is MongoDB / NodeJS with no TypeScript and Prisma has enabled us to move to a more type safe environment with Postgres/Typescript.”

Bojan Šernek

Chief Executive Officer


“By using Prisma's MongoDB adapter for the Uberblick project, we skyrocketed our new SaaS project from scratch to a production-ready MVP in just three days. Prisma allowed us to quickly iterate and move forward with our database while keeping its ease of use and the flexibility of MongoDB.”

Tobias Möritz

Freelance Design Engineer