Build a Fully Type-Safe Application with GraphQL, Prisma & React

A series of articles that walk you through building a fully type-safe application using React, GraphQL, and Prisma. In this series you will be walked through building an entire application while keeping type-safety in mind every step of the way. Specifically, you will:

  • Provision a PostgreSQL database
  • Model your database schema using Prisma
  • Build a GraphQL server using GraphQL Yoga, Prisma, and Pothos
  • Build a front-end using React
  • Sync types between the front and back-end projects using GraphQL Codegen

Prisma Accelerate now in General Availability

October 26, 2023

Now in General Availability: Dive into Prisma Accelerate, enhancing global database connections with connection pooling and edge caching for fast data access.

Support for Serverless Database Drivers in Prisma ORM Is Now in Preview

October 06, 2023

Prisma is releasing Preview support for serverless database drivers from Neon and PlanetScale. This feature allows Prisma users to leverage the existing database drivers for communication with their database without long-lived TCP connections!

Launching the Data DX Manifesto: Shaping a new paradigm in data-driven development

October 05, 2023

Prisma presents the Data DX manifesto, a transformative approach to data-driven app development. More than a document, it is a call to action. The manifesto highlights the benefits of Data DX for developers and offers insights for innovative product creation.