Each project you create in the Prisma Data Platform starts on the Free plan.


Projects created before June 16th, 2022 start on the Early Adopter plan.

While the Free plan allows you to create your proof-of-concept or iterate on the first development phases of your Prisma project, it does so with a few limitations. Based on that, you might want to upgrade to a paid plan in a number of scenarios.

  • You want to have more team members on your project than the Free (or Early Adopter) plan allows.
  • You need specific roles for team members (Viewer, Developer, Collaborator).
  • You want to have more environments that the Free (or Early Adopter) plan allows.
  • You exceeded or are concerned about exceeding the Data Proxy usage quota in the Free plan.
  • If you have a project that is on the Early Adopter plan, it can benefit from removing the concurrency limitation when using the Data Proxy.

Available plans

See Plans and quotas for descriptions of all plans available in the Prisma Data Platform.

Considerations and prerequisites

Only project owners (creators) can upgrade a project to a paid plan.

Upgrade to Scale plan

If you have a Prisma project that is currently on an Early Adopter or Free plan, and you want to increase the quota of environments, collaborators, and the Data Proxy CPU usage, you can do so by upgrading to the Scale plan.


  1. Go to the Billing page.
  2. Click Manage plan for the project you want to upgrade.
  3. Select the Scale plan and click Review Details.
  4. Click Pay Now and Upgrade.


Your project is now upgraded to the Scale plan.

Upgrade to Enterprise plan

An Enterprise plan can be custom-made and allows teams of all sizes to establish the number of environments and collaborators needed, as well as benefit from a custom amount of Data Proxy CPU usage that makes the most sense for a Prisma project.


  1. Go to the Billing page.
  2. Click Manage plan for a project you want to upgrade.
  3. Select the Enterprise plan and click Contact Sales.


You are redirected to chat with a representative.

We are eager to learn what is the best Prisma Data Platform usage that will help you develop a successful project with Prisma.

Downgrade a plan

If a paid plan no longer makes sense for a project, you can downgrade to the Free plan.


  1. Go to the Billing page.
  2. Under Your projects, click Cancel for the project that you want to downgrade.
  3. In the chat, submit your downgrade request to the Support team.


The Support team will help you resolve your downgrade request.

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