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Latest from the Blog

Bringing Prisma ORM to React Native and Expo

Thu May 23 2024

Prisma ORM now provides Early Access support for React Native and Expo, fulfilling a popular community request. The integration introduces reactive queries, using React hooks to auto-update the UI when the underlying data changes.

Prisma Optimize in Early Access

Explore insights and improve app performance with Prisma Optimize

Wed May 15 2024

Introducing Prisma Optimize—a whole new way to debug performance-related issues, make your app faster, and learn about the Prisma ORM internals!

Build, Fortify, Grow Framework

Introducing our Build, Fortify, Grow (BFG) Framework

Thu May 02 2024

Dive into Prisma’s ‘Build, Fortify, Grow’ framework. Learn how Prisma products interoperate at each stage of the framework, and aid in enhancing data-driven application development.