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Latest from the Blog

Introducing Platform Environments

Introducing Platform Environments

Thu Feb 22 2024

🎉 We're thrilled to introduce Platform Environments and a new Early Access feature that enables accessing the Prisma Data Platform from the Prisma CLI!

Prisma ORM Now Lets You Choose the Best Join Strategy (Preview)

Wed Feb 21 2024

Fetching related data from multiple tables in SQL databases can get expensive. Prisma ORM now lets you choose between database-level and application-level joins so that you can pick the most performant approach for your relation queries.

Extended ESOP Exercise Windows

A Business Case for Extended ESOP Exercise Windows

Thu Feb 15 2024

As a progressive OSS SaaS company, we are expanding our commitment to transparency by sharing insights into our operational practices, starting with our approach to stock options.

This move reflects our belief that sharing knowledge about equitable employee compensation is as vital as sharing code, offering a blueprint for building sustainable, employee-centric businesses. Stay tuned as we embark on this expanded journey of openness, hoping to inspire and inform alike.