Test and run queries with Query Console

Use Query Console to run the 3 pre-defined findMany() test queries or add and test queries of your own using the Prisma Client API for model queries.

UI components

Query Console is comprised of 2 major UI components - Query Editor and Query Results Console.

Query Console - UI Components
UI componentDescription
Query Editor• Add, edit, delete queries using the Prisma Client API
• Run a selected query
Query Results ConsoleView the results from the selected query

Default model queries

The default queries available in Query Console use the findMany() method and are based on a model defined in the Prisma schema file.


The model queries listed below are from an example application that has the User model.

  • findMany() for the first 100 records in the User model
  • findMany() for the first 100 records in the User model that match a criteria
  • findMany() for the first 100 records in the User model but only return data from 2 fields

Run a query

You can test and run queries for your app using Prisma Client from Query Console and view their results on the right side of the screen.


  1. In the Query Editor, place the cursor anywhere in a query block.
  2. Run the query using one of the 3 available methods.
    • Click the Run active query button in the upper-left.
    • Click the Play (Run query) button at the left margin of the editor.
    • Press Cmd + Enter (on macOS) or Ctrl + Enter (on Windows). Query Console - Run a query


The query results appear in the right side in the Query Results Console.

Add a query

When you add or edit existing queries, Query Console supports the same syntax highlighting and autocompletion features available with the Prisma extension in Visual Studio Code or other modern IDEs.


  1. Add a new line at the end of an existing query.
  2. Define your query. Autocomplete is available as you type the available Prisma models and query methods based on the generated Prisma Client for the app. Query Console - Add new query and use autocomplete

What's next

After you add a query, you can use the green button to test it.


The response size when loading data on the Query Console is limited to 4MB. If the size of the data requested exceeds 4MB, you will run into Prisma Client Error on the Query Console.

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