Prisma Data Platform

The Prisma Data Platform (Early Access) helps developers collaborate better in projects that are using the open-source tools. One of its main features today is an online data browser.

You can access it from

Current Functionality

In the current version of the platform, you can:

  • Import your existing Prisma project
  • Browse your data
  • View your Prisma schema
  • Invite users

User Roles

These are the currently supported roles in the Platform:

  • Admin: Can do all possible actions, such as configuring project settings and viewing/editing data
  • Developer: Access the data browser, view and edit data and view the schema
  • Collaborator: Access the data browser and view and edit data
  • Viewer: Access the data browser and view data

In order to add users, you need to use their GitHub username and they need to have an account in the Platform.

Static IP for usage in allowlists

The Prisma Data Platform can have a static IP which you can add to an allowlist in order to connect to your database through our Data Browser.

You can create an issue with your request and we will enable it for you. Please note that while this is a feature that will be part of a paid plan in the future, it is currently offered for free while we are in Early Access.

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