Prisma Data Platform maturity levels

This page explains how we consider maturity levels for features of the Prisma Data Platform.


Prisma releases updates to the Prisma Data Platform multiple times per week, as opposed to the Prisma ORM that we release on a set schedule every few weeks. This is why we consider the lifecycle and process for maturing features in the Prisma Data Platform differently.

You can check out the releases and maturity process for the Prisma ORM for further details.

Maturity levels

Early Access

If a feature on the Prisma Data Platform is labeled as Early Access:

  • We have validated a problem and are considering a solution to it but are not certain whether that solution is complete or a perfect fit.
  • We want to gather more feedback and adjust the solution as necessary, knowing that users are prepared for significant breaking changes
  • We reserve ourselves the right to throttle or remove access to a feature in Early Access to preserve the stability of the platform, or enforcing its use to stay within the scope defined in our Terms of Services.

As always, your feedback is invaluable to shape the design of the features so that it can solve your problem in the best way possible.

General Availability

If a feature in the Prisma Data Platform is Generally Available:

  • The solution has been tested for some time and we received enough feedback to consider it stable and ready for production use.
  • The feature meets our availability and SLO standards.
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