To start using the Prisma Data Platform, you need to sign up with your GitHub account. When you do so, you authorize the Prisma GitHub app to read the list of repositories (to which you have granted access).

Sign up for the Prisma Data Platform

When you first go to the Prisma Data Platform, use Sign in with GitHub to sign up.

If your sign up is successful, you can start by creating your first project.

Prisma Data Platform - Sign up - Step 01 - Create and configure your first JavaScript/TypeScript project

View your GitHub account

When you click your Profile icon in the upper right, the first entry in the menu is the GitHub account that you use for the Prisma Data Platform.

Prisma Data Platform Profile menu - linked GitHub account

Log out from the Prisma Data Platform

To log out, click your Profile icon in the upper right and select Log out.

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