In Prisma Data Platform, you invite team members to a project. To invite a team member, you provide their GitHub username and assign them a role.


  • You are the Project owner or have the Admin role.
  • You are the Project owner or have the Admin role.
  • The new team member must have logged in to the platform with a GitHub account.
  • You know the GitHub username of the new team member.
  • Your project plan has available quota to add new team members.


  1. From the Projects page, select the project to which you want to add a team member.

  2. From the Projects drop-down in the upper-left, select Project settings.

  3. Click Team members.

  4. Enter the GitHub username in the box and click Invite team member.

  5. From the Role drop-down menu, select a role for the new team member.


    On the Free plan, you can only assign the Admin role.

    On the Scale plan, you can assign any of the available roles.
Team members - invite and select a role
  1. Click Save.


The new team member can now see the project from the Projects page. The team member can see and perform actions based on the granted role.

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