Connection to database timed out


The error Connection your database timed out appears when you use Data Browser or Query Console.


When you use Data Browser or Query Console, the default timeout for requests sent to the database is 15ms. If a response is not available within this limit, the error appears.

Several reasons related to the Data Proxy or database configuration might cause this issue.

  • The time added to a request because it is routed through the Data Proxy pushed the timeout beyond the limit
  • The database and Data Proxy are in different geographic locations
  • The time it took the database to process the query pushed it over the timeout limit
  • The payload response is large and could not be processed within the timeout limit
  • The depth of the query is large (it includes mutliple relational fields)


While you can do little to impact potential Data Proxy or network latency, you can start with one of the following solutions.

  • Retry the operation in Data Browser or the query in Query Console and see if it completes successfully.

  • Configure your Data Proxy to be closer to or in the same location as the database.


    You can do so only by creating a new environment in which you can specify a different Data Proxy location.

If you experience this issue consistently, contact Support.

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