Data collaborators

When you want to allow team members to do manual data management (add, edit, delete records), in a lot of cases you need to share the database connection string. Doing so involves granting extensive database privileges which requires taking into account security considerations and the correct configuration of database clients.

With the Prisma Data Platform, you can easily invite data collaborators by just adding their GitHub username to your project and assigning the Collaborator user role. After that, they can edit data directly from the Data Browser tab.

Add data collaborators

You can add new data collaborators from the project settings.

Prerequisites and considerations

Only the project owner or another user with the Admin role can add new collaborators to a project.


  1. Go to the Projects page.
  2. Select the project to which you want to add a collaborator.
  3. From the Projects drop-down in the upper-left, select Project settings.
  4. Click Members.
  5. Type the GitHub username in the box and click Invite Member.
  6. In the pop-up window, select Collaborator from the Role drop-down menu.
  7. Click Save.


  • Your new project collaborator can now use their GitHub account to log in to
  • The collaborator can now open your project and edit data from the Data Browser tab.
  • The collaborator can view and edit data in all environments for this project.
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