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We're introducing Environments as a key component designed to enhance the way teams build, test, and grow their applications.

By providing isolated spaces within each project, environments ensure that your development processes are agile and interference-free, allowing for more focused and productive team collaboration.

Building intuitive development workflows with environments

Each Environment serves as an isolated space, enabling teams to build, test, and grow their projects across different stages of the development lifecycle. From initial experimentation to final production, environments facilitate a seamless progression of project development.


Environments2 / project6 / project12 / projectCustom

Visit Prisma Data Platform's pricing page to learn more.

Leveraging the Prisma CLI for programmatic access

The Prisma CLI enhances our platform by offering developers programmatic access to manage their environments efficiently. Ideal for integrating into CI workflows, the CLI allows for automating tasks such as configuring Prisma Accelerate or Prisma Pulse directly from the terminal.

Read more about the Prisma CLI here.

API Keys

An API key is required to authenticate requests from your Prisma Client to products such as Prisma Accelerate and Prisma Pulse. You may generate multiple API keys per environment and manage those via the API Keys section in a project.