Powerful GraphQL API for your datamodel

Prisma's auto-generated GraphQL API provides CRUD operations with powerful filtering, sorting, pagination and realtime capabilities.

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Prisma generates and runs a powerful CRUD GraphQL API for your data model

type User {
  id: ID! @unique
  createdAt: DateTime!
  name: String!
  admin: Boolean! @default(value: "true")
Datamodel in GRAPHQL SDL
type Query {
  users(where: UserWhereInput, orderBy: UserOrderByInput, skip: Int, after: String): [User!]!
  user(where: UserWhereUniqueInput!) : User

type Mutation {
  createUser(data: UserCreateInput!): User!
  updateUser(data: UserUpdateInput!, where: UserWhereUniqueInput!): User!
  deleteUser(where: UserWhereUniqueInput!): User

type Subscription {
  user(where: UserSubscriptionWhereInput): UserSubscriptionPayload
Generated GraphQL API
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The Prisma GraphQL API is based on open standards & industry best practices

Developer-friendly & intuitive
to use

Designing intuitive and developer-friendly APIs is a major challenge. Prisma's GraphQL API is developed together with the community and database vendors to ensure optimal developer ergonomics and smart abstractions.

  • Awesome developer experience
  • Simple API with powerful features
  • Auto-generated API documentation

Filters, pagination, realtime -
all in one GraphQL API

Prisma's GraphQL API prodives out-of-the-box support for all features you want to use in your applications. This lets you focus on application logic instead of writing repetitive and brittle boilerplate code.

  • Focus on implementing features instead of boilerplate
  • Powerful Relay connections for pagination
  • Out-of-the-box support for realtime GraphQL subscriptions

OpenCRUD for optimal
database abstractions

Every database has its individual strengths that make it a great fit for certain use cases. To retain these characteristics, Prisma's API is based on OpenCRUD - an open standard for translating databases into GraphQL APIs.

  • Universal GraphQL for every database
  • Retain individual database strengths
  • Designed together with database vendors

Getting Started with Prisma

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