June 28, 2018

Instant Prisma server deployment with new Heroku integration

Nikolas Burk
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Known for its simple workflows, Heroku is one of the most popular PaaS providers used by developers to deploy their apps. With the new Prisma Cloud integration, you can now deploy Prisma to Heroku with one click.

To see how to deploy Prisma to your Heroku account watch this demo:

Easy Prisma server management in your own cloud

Prisma is open-source and can be deployed everywhere using Docker. However, managing infrastructure and containers is complicated and very time-consuming. To make this easier, Prisma Cloud helps you manage your Prisma server infrastructure by integrating directly with public cloud providers.

Over the last few weeks we've been working with the Heroku team and are very excited to release the Heroku integration for Prisma Cloud: Simply connect your Heroku account to Prisma Cloud and deploy Prisma to Heroku with a single click.

The best part: With Heroku's free plan you can deploy your own Prisma server for free!

One-click deployment to Heroku with Prisma Cloud

Running Prisma in production requires two infrastructure components:

  • A database (Heroku supports Postgres, but if hosted elswewhere your database can also be MySQL or any other supported database)
  • A Prisma server hosting GraphQL CRUD APIs for the connected database

Managing infrastructure is time-consuming and costly. With the new Heroku integration, developers can now set up the Prisma server including a database and be up-and-running with Prisma in a matter of minutes.

To use the integration, connect your Heroku account to Prisma Cloud and follow the instructions to setup a new database and/or a new Prisma server. See the video at the beginning of this article for an overview of the entire flow.

Once you've created your Prisma server running on Heroku, you're able to select it as a deployment target in the Prisma CLI:

In case you don't want to use Heroku and run Prisma on your own, you can also connect your existing Prisma servers to Prisma Cloud.

More cloud provider integrations coming soon

With today's launch of the Heroku integration, we're also releasing a few more improvements to Prisma Cloud. More integrations for other cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, ZEIT and Digital Ocean are coming soon!

Register with Prisma Cloud to try out the new Heroku integration or connect your existing Prisma servers to improve your data workflows.

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