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Connect your database (MongoDB)

To connect your database, you need to set the url field of the datasource block in your Prisma schema to your database connection URL:

datasource db {
provider = "mongodb"
url = env("DATABASE_URL")

In this case, the url is set via an environment variable which is defined in .env (the example uses a MongoDB Atlas URL):


You now need to adjust the connection URL to point to your own database.

The format of the connection URL for your database depends on the database you use. For MongoDB, it looks as follows (the parts spelled all-uppercased are placeholders for your specific connection details):


Here's a short explanation of each component:

  • USERNAME: The name of your database user
  • PASSWORD: The password for your database user
  • HOST: The host where a mongod (or mongos) instance is running
  • PORT: The port where your database server is running (typically 27017 for MongoDB)
  • DATABASE: The name of the database