The term telemetry refers to the collection of certain usage data to help improve the quality of a piece of software. Prisma 2 uses telemetry in two contexts:

  • collecting usage data
  • submitting error reports

This page describes the overall telemetry approach for Prisma 2, what kind of data is collected and how to opt-out of data collection.

Why does Prisma collect metrics?

Telemetry helps us better understand how many users are using our products and how often they are using our products. Unlike many telemetry services, our telemetry implementation is intentionally limited in scope and is actually useful for the developer:

  • Limited in scope: We use telemetry to answer one question: how many monthly active developers are using Prisma?
  • Provides value: Our telemetry service also checks for version updates and offers security notices.

When is data collected?

Data is collected in two scenarios that are described below.

Usage data

Invocations of the prisma CLI and general usage of Studio results in data being sent to the telemetry server at Note that:

  • Information is only sent every 12 hours (sending is paused for 12 hours after any invocation)
  • The data does not include your schema or the data in your database

Here is an overview of the data that's being submitted:

productstringName of the product (e.g. prisma)
versionstringCurrently installed version of the product (e.g. 1.0.0-rc0)
archstringClient's operating system architecture (e.g. amd64).
osstringClient's operating system (e.g. darwin).
node_versionstringClient's node version (e.g. v12.12.0).
signaturestringRandom, non-identifiable signature UUID (e.g. 91b014df3-9dda-4a27-a8a7-15474fd899f8)
user_agentstringUser agent of the checkpoint client (e.g. prisma/js-checkpoint)
timestampstringWhen the request was made in RFC3339 format (e.g. 2019-12-12T17:45:56Z)

You can opt-out of this behavior by setting the CHECKPOINT_DISABLE environment variable to 1, e.g.:


Error reporting

During the Preview period, data is potentially collected upon:

  • a crash in the CLI
  • a crash or an unexpected error in Prisma Studio

Before an error report is submitted, there will always be a prompt asking you to confirm or deny the submission of the error report! Error reports are never submitted without your explicit consent!

How to opt-out of data collection?

Usage data

You can opt-out of usage data collection by setting the CHECKPOINT_DISABLE environment variable to 1, e.g.:


Error reporting

You can opt-out of data collection by responding to the interactive prompt with no.

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