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You have to enable logical replication on AWS RDS to make it compatible with Prisma Pulse.

Enable logical replication on AWS RDS

The following instructions show how to create a parameter group, enable logical replication, and add the parameter group to your AWS RDS PostgreSQL database.

  1. Create a parameter group for your RDS database (RDS > Parameter groups > Create a parameter group). In the Parameter group family, select your Postgres version. Select the type DB Parameter group option and assign a descriptive group name and description:

    Create a parameter group in AWS RDS

  2. Set the rds.logical_replication parameter to 1(true) in the parameter group.

    Set logical replication parameter group

  3. Modify Database options (RDS > Databases > Modify) to use the new DB parameter group:

    Add Parameter group to AWS RDS

    To reflect the configuration change into wal_level, select the Apply immediately option.

  4. Go to RDS > Databases > [database name], then click on Actions, and then click on Reboot to restart your database.