Prisma Client extensions is currently in Preview. The extensions are provided as examples only, and without warranty. They are not intended to be used in production environments.


audit-log-contextProvides the current user's ID as context to Postgres audit log triggers
callback-free-itxAdds a method to start interactive transactions without callbacks
computed-fieldsAdds virtual / computed fields to result objects
input-transformationTransforms the input arguments passed to Prisma Client queries to filter the result set
input-validationRuns custom validation logic on input arguments passed to mutation methods
instance-methodsAdds Active Record-like methods like save() and delete() to result objects
json-field-typesUses strongly-typed runtime parsing for data stored in JSON columns
model-filtersAdds reusable filters that can composed into complex where conditions for a model
obfuscated-fieldsPrevents sensitive data (e.g. password fields) from being included in results
query-loggingWraps Prisma Client queries with simple query timing and logging
readonly-clientCreates a client that only allows read operations
retry-transactionsAdds a retry mechanism to transactions with exponential backoff and jitter
row-level-securityUses Postgres row-level security policies to isolate data a multi-tenant application
static-methodsAdds custom query methods to Prisma Client models
transformed-fieldsDemonstrates how to use result extensions to transform query results and add i18n to an app
exists-methodDemonstrates how to add an exists method to all your models

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