Excluding fields

By default Prisma Client returns all fields from a model. You can use select to narrow the result set, but that can be unwieldy if you have a large model and you only want to exclude one or two fields.

Prisma Client doesn't have a native way of excluding fields yet, but it's easy to create a function that you can use to exclude certain fields in a type-safe way.

Excluding the password field

The following is a type-safe exclude function returns a user without the password field.

// Exclude keys from user
function exclude<User, Key extends keyof User>(
user: User,
keys: Key[]
): Omit<User, Key> {
return Object.fromEntries(
Object.entries(user).filter(([key]) => !keys.includes(key))
function main() {
const user = await prisma.user.findUnique({ where: 1 })
const userWithoutPassword = exclude(user, ['password'])

In the TypeScript example, we've provided two generics: User and Key. The Key generic is defined as the keys of a User (e.g. email, password, firstName, etc.).

These generics flow through the logic, returning a User that omits the list of Keys provided.

Going further

  • Learn how you can move the exclude function into a custom model.
  • Instead of excluding fields, another option is to obfuscate the field.
  • There's an outstanding feature request to add exclude support natively in Prisma Client. If you'd like to see that happen, make sure to upvote that issue and share your use case!
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