The Microsoft SQL Server connection URL follows the JDBC standard

The following example uses integrated security (Windows only):


The following example uses SQL authentication (username and password):


Note: If you are connecting from MacOS and using a version of Prisma before 2.15.0, add encrypt=DANGER_PLAINTEXT to disable TLS and make it easier to work in. Do not do this in production.


Argument nameRequiredDefaultComments
initial catalog
NomasterThe database to connect to.
No - see CommentsSQL Server login (such as sa) or a valid Windows (Active Directory) username if integratedSecurity is set to true (Windows only).
No - see CommentsPassword for SQL Server login or Windows (Active Directory) username if integratedSecurity is set to true (Windows only).
encryptNoConfigures whether to use TLS, possible values: true, false, DANGER_PLAINTEXT DANGER_PLAINTEXT not required for MacOS in 2.15.0 and later.
integratedSecurityNoEnables Windows authentication (integrated security), possible values: true, false, yes, no. If set to true or yes and username and password are present, login is performed through Windows Active Directory. If login details are not given via separate arguments, the current logged in Windows user is used to login to the server.
connectionLimitNonum_cpus * 2 + 1Maximum size of the connection pool
connectTimeoutNo5Maximum number of seconds to wait for a new connection
schemaNodboAdded as a prefix to all the queries if schema name is not the default.
NoNumber of seconds to wait for login to succeed.
socketTimeoutNoNumber of seconds to wait for each query to succeed.
isolationLevelNoSets transaction isolation level.
poolTimeoutNo10Maximum number of seconds to wait for a new connection from the pool. If all connections are in use, the database will return a PoolTimeout error after waiting for the given time.


Using integrated security (Windows only)

The following example uses the currently logged in Windows user to log in to SQL Server:


The following example uses a specific Active Directory user to log in to SQL Server:


Using SQL Browser to connect to a named instance

The following example connects to a named instance of SQL Server (mycomputer\sql2019) using integrated security:

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